Paid surveys


How it works

We have partnered with some of the largest and most respected health research companies in the world to offer paid surveys to our users who qualify for them. Your personal information is never shared or revealed to anyone outside of HealthEngage.  If we get a survey that you may qualify for, for instance female type 1 diabetics, you will receive an e-mail from HealthEngage alerting you that you may qualify for a survey with an anonymized link for you to visit to take a few screening questions and if you qualify complete the survey.  Surveys range from 5-45 minutes (on average 15 minutes) and pay between $5-$100 per survey (on average $10-15 per completed survey).  Survey participation is completely optional and again your personal information is never revealed or shared with anyone.  


How can I qualify?

Simply sign up as a HealthEngage user and completely fill out your user profile (should take less than 1 minute).


How can I get more or higher paying surveys sent to me?

The more you use our tools the more targeted the surveys sent you can be. For instance if you keep track of your medications on the site and a survey looking for those using that particular med comes up you will be sent an e-mail to participate.  Again your personal information will never be shared or revealed to any third parties.


Please e-mail with any questions.

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