Tools to collect and analyze key health data

Tools to help you collect data from patients, doctors, nurses, field workers, hospitals etc.

Visual intelligence tools for your health data to click-explore key metrics in real time.


HealthEngage provides free patient tools for daily health management as an example of what can be done for your enterprise. Our tools have been proven to significantly improve glycemic control in diabetes users after as little as 3 months of use.

Users can securely manage and track diet, meds, glucose readings, insulin, exercise, tests, symptoms, and other variables, including automatic upload from glucose meters. They get simple, informative and beautiful analytical tools, charts and dozens of physician-ready reports, which can be shared with their doctor, nurse or other provider.

This data stream can be accessible through healthengage business intelligence tools and can also be integrated with any EMR system.

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What our users say about our tools:

"I would like express to you how much you have made my life so uncomplicated. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 at 20 months. For years I've had to write all her information by hand and fax it to her diabetes healthcare team. Thank God for HealthEngage. I now have all her information in one place and I can spot her trends. Alert her healthcare team and we can tweak her basal rates accordingly to catch her before she goes astray. You have made my daughters' life less stressful. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!"
- A Very Grateful Mom

"I have had type 2 diabetes for 12 years and have never been able to manage it as well as I do using HealthEngage"
- Tom C.

"About a month after being diagnosed with diabetes I started using HealthEngage and after two weeks of almost daily use I went to see my doctor with full printouts of my charts and reports. He said he had never seen anyone get under control so well and so fast in 20 years in practice. Thank you."
- Angela P.