Insights To Improve Care And Cost Decisions

Why use graphs from the 1980's?

HealthEngage's lets you and your customers drill down deep into the data


Visual intelligence tools for your health data to click-explore key metrics

Our turn-key tools will help you visualize your key business metrics, and can be deployed within 30 days, instead of several months. You will gain the ability to visually access and interpolate data from your other databases, such as EHR and patient-generated data streams.

Focus on layers-deep charts of what is important for you with a click: see real time trending and the relationships between care utilization, costs, application and services use, treatment choices, diagnosis, satisfaction, utilization, attitudes, disease surveillance and other variables from your treasure trove of data.

Compare physician and patient generated data to find improvements. Identify critical inefficiencies in your programs, then have the tools and insights to make the correct decisions to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Read more below or try it for yourself with these full functioning demos generated on the fly from over 40 million data points and over a dozen databases.

Diabetes Patient Data

Cardiac Procedures by Surgeon

Emergency Room Payments by Payer

Hospital Discharges by Severity

Patient Admits by Day of the Week

3 Simple Steps To Analysis  

1. Point us to your data from the UI
DataView automatically models and indexes the data using our innovative cognitive computational graph search technology.

2. Start asking your business questions
DataView translates your questions into data queries and presents the results with the appropriate visualizations.

3. Interact and Collaborate
Interact with the search results in real-time: slice-dice, drill-down and filter. Comment and collaborate on data points.


Any Data Source: Zero Learning Curve

Connect to any data source using the built-in connectors. Using sophisticated algorithms we identify entities & relationships and automatically model and index data from databases, big data and 3rd party systems or in data pushed using the APIs or file uploaders.

Get a familiar search box and use natural language to ask questions and get answers from your data, without having to learn any coding language or complex software.

No data warehouse, no OLAP cubes, no complex configuration, no coding, no learning curve!


Automatic Data Modeling From Disparate Sources

DataView uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically and dynamically create data models and identify entities and relationships in your data.

Create datasets automatically from data residing across different database tables and across different datasources altogether. You don't have to worry about writing SQL or doing aggregations as DataView does that automatically for you.

Use our ready connector into various relational databases, big data systems like Hadoop, NoSQL systems, 3rd party services. Push data via our APIs or SFTP drop box. Or just tell us where your data resides and DataView automatically does the ETL.


Our Customers Love Us, So Will You!

Our team of experts in health related BI, Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Data Science, Visualization, Big Data, Search and Security offer a unique platform that creates the future of business intelligence and analytics.

DataView pioneers cognitive BI technology that changes the way individuals work with data, making analytics more accessible and easier to use by solving the two main barriers the adoption of data analysis – time consuming data modeling and usability.

This makes our customers get access to the most natural way to analyze and derive insights from data in the fastest and scalable manner with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Of course they love us! And we are certain that you will too!


Ad-hoc Reports & Dashboards

Design reports with various useful visualizations on an ad-hoc basis using the simple drag-and-drop report builder.

The reports come with built-in support for dynamic drill-downs into any dimension in the data, raw data views and dynamic filters which makes them highly interactive.

Create multiple dashboards by grouping various reports together.

Empower your business users to also create reports and dashboards themselves using the intuitive interface.


Exploratory Data Analysis

DataView is the healthcare industry's only solution to provide single page exploratory data analysis capability, out-of-the-box.

Give your organization the ability to look at its key measures, see distribution by dimensions, slice-dice, filter, sort and search all from a single page without having to do any configuration.

This provides users an unprecedented ability to do rich exploratory analysis on an ad-hoc basis and in real-time.


Natural Language Query Answering & Search Interface

DataView is the healthcare industry's first and only solution to provide a natural language and search based interface to analyze big data.

Just point to your data source, let DataView index your data and then start asking your business questions to get instant answers.

DataView translates the business question into the appropriate data query automatically, triggers the query and return the results in real-time with the best matching visualization.

Results are highly interactive. You can slice-dice, drill-down and filter the results on the fly. Add comments and collaborate with the team members on reports or specific data points.


Functional & Data Security

We understand that security is of utmost importance in BI and Analytics and even more on a cloud service. As such, security has been a key criteria of our product and platform design.

DataView enables Project Admins to define various role based security groups with access restrictions into datasets, explorations, reports and dashboards.

We also have state of art security on our data storage layer which resides in distributed binary files.



The HealthEngage DataView Difference

Easy: No learning curve. Simple intuitive UI for any task.
Schema Less: No complex schema. Support dynamic changes.
Config Less: No OLAP cube config. Dynamic drill-downs.
Ad-hoc: Ad-hoc mashups, analysis, reports, dashboards.
Real-time: Real-time data integration and analysis.
Scalable: Seamless scale from small to big datasets (20TB+).