Engaged and Fully Profiled Audience

Richer, deeper data from an engaged and active community

HealthEngage's Audience is Unique

Users participate because they are rewarded with cash rewards and gifts. Automatic upload from over 60 diabetes devices. Real time aggregate observed and survey data analysis visualized into behavior, habits, medication use Users fully profiled for co-morbidities, data devices Integrated post marketing survey capability Measure cost effectiveness, changes in use of delivery devices, changes in behavior Real time decision-critical visualizations and data interpretation Proven cost savings and quality of life improvement for diabetics

HealthEngage Can Offer

Audience data access, including live access to real time continuous data Audience recruitment, including “on demand” proprietary surveys and patient recruitment Alternative means for data collection-mobile, web, direct to patients Any time and on demand reports and data trending

HealthEngage’s data set provides unique insights available only through patient recorded data:

Multicultural patient information (176 countries, 58 languages) Health profiles (history, tests, symptoms, etc.) Brand choice/trending (any device, drug, food, etc.) Demographics Trending outcomes (objective longitudinal data from devices shows improvement or worsening) Utilization of drug, device, and related health services (Real time view of users utilization trending) Attitude and state of mind (via multiple entry points) Real time trending/correlation of multiple data points in easy to use visual format